Marine Litter Project

Support now Cetacea Foundation for the cleanliness of our sea and the protection of marine fauna

Starting from this season  Chimborazo has decided to add an element to our plastic recycling project, helping Cetacea Foundation with its initiatives of marine litter collection and shelter of injured animals, mainly turtles.

Part of the revenues from each Chimborazo jacket and swim shorts made from recycled plastic, will support Cetacea Foundation as contribution in pursuing its goals of sea clean up and care of endangered species.

Any raw material, being manufactured or transformed and then discarded, eliminated, abandoned in the sea, becomes persistent solid waste.

Most of the "marine debris" is made of slowly degrading substances, so a continuous inflow of large quantities of these materials produce their inevitable and progressive accumulation in the marine and coastal environment.

From the coasts to the open sea, plastic is the main waste, and the most striking consequences are visible on animals that swallow it or remain trapped.

Its reduction can only bring ecological, economic and social benefits.