The vulcan of Milan - Chimborazo

Chimborazo Milano is a brand born from an idea by Francesco Rubini, its founder, to combine decades of knowledge in foreign production with the experience of three generations in the field of clothing.

After returning to Milan after a long period of work abroad as a trader, Rubini founded Chimborazo Milano in 2017 with the aim of transforming his deep knowledge of raw materials and his experience in the creation of garments into a company whose cornerstone was the absolute quality of the products.

The use of advanced technology, attention to comfort and a refined approach to aesthetics underpin a production process that guarantees uniquely innovative products which tie originality, functionality and quality to a modern look that catches the eye.

Chimborazo is the largest volcano in Ecuador, so high that its peak is the closest point to the sun on our planet.

Inspired by its bold colors and the sheer power of nature, the volcano’s name was an inspired choice for the brand’s founder.

His experience in the textile field as well as his great love of nature combines to make Chimborazo a company devoted to the production of high quality clothing, and one whose commitment to environmental issues can be seen in its unique style.

It is precisely for this noble cause we have chosen to link with several protected Italian marine life areas and donate a percentage of our turnover to help support their researchers.